CF’s Ari Kicking It At The Hot 2014 Phoenix Comic Con

CF’s Ari Kicking It At The Hot 2014 Phoenix Comic Con



It’s no secret that Phoenix Arizona is one of the hottest places on the planet.  It reached 109 degrees this weekend, but that didn’t stop Cosplay Fanatic’s host, Ari or the 80,000 plus attendees, from kicking at the 2014 Phoenix Comic Con.  All though they were kind enough to kick up the air conditioner the celebrity guests, artists, and cosplayers were smokin.

We took plenty of pictures and met loads of awesome new friends while taking it all in. This is definitely an up and coming comic con which will be the one that everyone will want to attend in the future.  Look out SDCC.

If your a vendor you might want to reserve your tables now for the 2015 show as we are told that they will sell out in about three months from now.  All you folks who may have missed this years should make it a goal to attend next years as we are sure it will be even bigger and badder.  It will probably still be super hot, but who sweats when you are cosplayin you butt off.

Thanks to all of this years Phoenix Comic Con cosplayers for the awesome pictures.  Enjoy.



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