2014 Tucson Con Rocked

2014 Tucson Con Rocked



Ok, ok, ok, we must admit that we did not expect alot from the 2014 Tucson Comic Con as it was a two day event.  We are so use to having three, and trending, four comic con day events to indulge in all our geekdom.   With that said Tucson kicked some serious booty in a packed two day con this year.   There was literally a 5oft line of con goers from the door to the ticket table.  The cosplayers were in full effect and were happy to speak with us for a second or two.   There were a ton of independent artist who had killer plots to their comic books.   Spiral Ink with it’s Hooded Cobra is sure to please those who love a good story and visually creative artwork.   Rob Hicks and crew definitely put in some time before putting out the Hooded Cobra project.  There were many other who deserve major credit but you guys need to come in 2015 to meet them yourself.  How awesome would it be to meet artist(s) before they become Todd McFarland, etc.  and claim you are a true fan since you were there in the beginning.

There were plenty of vendor for those of you who like to buy whatever your heart desires.   Did we mention that Tucson Comic Con was happening the same weekend as U of A Homecoming?  So the city was rocking out as everyone was partying in the street for the up and coming game.  Tuscon has a very nice city vibe where folks are friendly and happy to buy you a drink.   Tucson Comic Con is a must attend comic con if you can find it in your budget to attend.   We’ll be back next year so we would love to interview you doing your cosplay thing.   We think they will be forced to go to three days as they are out growing the venue….we hope so. We give Tucson Comic Con 3 1/2 stars.

Here are a few interviews from the lovely folks at 2014 Tucson Comic Con.


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