2016 Contact In The Desert was Out of this World

2016 Contact In The Desert was Out of this World

contact in desert

We had contact! This weekend was jam packed for us here at Cosplay Fanatic, Phoenix Comicon and…. aliens!

Aliens. Real? Fake? You just don’t know? Well, this weekend Cosplay Fanatic was able to attend the 4th annual Contact in the Desert (http://contactinthedesert.com). Some of the biggest names in Ufology were in attendance, including Giorgio Tsukalos and most of the main cast from Ancient Aliens. If you enjoy the realm of the unknown then this would be a place for you.

Here’s what you get-

  1. Seminars that range from skeptic to conspiracy.

These seminars were great! There was a little bit of something for everyone from those just beginning their extraterrestrial journey, to the most experienced believer. My favorite seminar of all was with Graham Hancock who delved into the different archaeological evidence, and who also disproved some previous evidence. The best thing about these conferences was the fact that you get to walk away with your own opinion. Whether you love conspiracy or your interested in more practical evidence, there will be at least 2 or 3 valuable seminars for you.

  1. Night star watches with night vision goggles.

Melinda Leslie from the Sedona UFO Tours was a great night watch host. She brought us out to an entrancing plateau where the night watch took place, and she explained how to look for UFOs. On Saturday night there was an actual formation of 3 UFOs that really took the group into another reality (no psychedelics needed). These goggles really do make all of the difference in how you view the night sky. There was little light pollution in the town and that in itself was another addition to this event. This event happened Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, thanks for working your butt off Melinda!

  1. People watching and encounters with the speakers.

Needless to say, when you’re in a desert with a large group of people interested in the extraterrestrial side of life, you are likely to see some interesting characters. Although this is not cosplay we did encounter someone dressed up (see article photos), we saw hippies, famous people of the UFO community, and I’m pretty sure some of the people in attendance may have been aliens themselves. We were also very lucky to have ran into a lot of speakers during our time here. They were all very personable for the most part, and loved speaking with their fans.

Lastly, there was some awesome shopping. Orbs, jewelry, tiaras, food, and miscellaneous alien stuff was strewn throughout. Giorgio and his wife were running a booth where I received an autographed t-shirt, and some ancient spacecraft earrings!

This event is like stepping into the Woodstock of aliens and you definitely get a front row seat to the abduction everyday. If you were considering going to Contact in the Desert this year but needed more information, I hope this helps! It’s definitely worth the ticket price, and if you get on their email list you will be sent emails when they post their early bird prices which are very reasonable. Giorgio is hosting the first ever Alien Con in October (https://www.thealiencon.com) if you can’t wait until next year to meet these guys.

Until next time, live long and cosplay. This is Ari signing out. You can book for next year event via their website:



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