2016 Stan Lee’s Comikaze Did Not Disappoint!

2016 Stan Lee’s Comikaze Did Not Disappoint!

stan_lees_comikaze_expo_logo-svgStan Lee’s 2016 Comikaze held at the LA Convention Center did not disappoint.   It was, in our opinion, a super large venue that had eye candy everywhere you looked.  Hot Topic is of course a major sponsor who released two exclusive pop vinyls (Colossus and She-Hulk) that had a line wrapping around the convention; twice!.   This convention is quickly becoming a rival to the San Diego Comic Con which sells out in hours.   We have been allowed to cover this convention for the last three years and it is becoming tighter in the hallways each year.

They have a slew, yeah a slew, of artists, vendors, celebrities, and panels.   One thing we love is the allowance of the media to film celebrities and fan interaction.   Many conventions shun media taking photos of all the great stuff that happens in comicons, but not Comikaze, click away.   We captured so much stuff that we would have had footage for hours!  We edited it not bore you with all the awesomeness that this convention has from every corner at the LA Convention center.  They have something for everybody, so much so, you’ll wish you had a twin to take it all in.

One of our favorite booths, or more like a corner in the hall was the Legend M studios set up.  They set up an elevator to take pitches from aspiring writers and non-writers who had an idea for a good movie or tv series.  They are a small investor based movie studio who actually listens to their investors two cents.   DMC for the famous RUN DMC rap group was also there signing autographs for anyone who just wanted to say hi.   Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, was in the house promoting her new comic book series based on her father.  It was so much awesomeness that you need to be there to really take it all in.  It is truly a weekend, during Halloween we might add, were your inner geek can come out to play.

We are honored to take part in this great comic con and hope to see you at next years Stan Lee’s Comikaze.   You won’t regret that you put this one on the list.   Check out our footage of this Comikaze on the AJ show and see some of the awesomeness that is 2016 Comikaze!


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