Sweet as Fudge, Fudgie Cosplay

Sweet as Fudge, Fudgie Cosplay


HOMETOWN: Daytona Beach, FL

RESIDENCE: Gainesville, FL

SCHOOL: Santa Fe College (Fashion Design Graduate)

HOBBIES: Singing, making charms, twirling batons, and learning acoustic guitar.


CF: How did you get into cosplay, who did you portray first, and why?

I got into cosplay because I saw a girl cosplaying Sailor Moon on the Internet and I thought that was pretty cool. Then, I found out there was a convention coming up in my hometown so I thought I would give it a try. I first portrayed Yoruichi from Bleach because it was love at first sight and she was one of the first dark skinned characters I have seen while watching anime.

CF: What’s the best part of cosplay?

The best part of Cosplay is meeting people dressed up from the same series as you. You quickly bond with those people and they can become an everlasting friend.

CF:If you could be any super hero or villain who would you be and why?

I would be Captain America because I would fight for justice, and I also would get that awesome shield!

CF:If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?

If I could meet anyone, it would be Michael Jackson and I would ask him to show me how to moonwalk. Ps: I love Michael Jackson and his music.

CF:What’s your favorite sci-fi movie and what captivates about the plot?

Just kidding. My favorite sci-fi movie is The Thing because I love thriller movies plus the mystery of figuring out how to kill the creature when it’s able to take the shape of its victims.

CF:What’s the craziest thing a fan sent you or requested?

A fan never sent me anything crazy or requested, but let’s hope for the future!

CF:What sidekick would you hire to be your personal assistant and why?

Oracle, because she is a genius and I know I wouldn’t have to worry about hacking into a building or a computer system.

CF:What character intimidates the heck out of you, why, and when will you attempt take the challenge to portray them?

A character that intimidates me is Halibel (Released form) because she is half naked and I will have to work out to be able to feel good about portraying her. She also has a giant weapon, so I will have to figure out how to make it. I will attempt to portray her in the beginning of next year.

CF:Do you know a lot about the series you cosplay?

Yes I do! I make sure I know everything about the character I cosplay. I could probably talk about my character for hours.

CF:What’s your favorite comic con to attend and what makes it so special?

AFO (Anime Festival in Orlando) is my favorite convention to attend because they have this awesome pool party full of people in cosplay wanting to have a good time.

CF:What comic con’s are definitely attending this year?

AFO, Umicon Daytona, WasabiCon, and Holiday Matsuri.

CF:What’s one thing you wish fans wouldn’t do?

When I share another cosplayer of color, some fans (not all) automatically think it’s me. Even when I credit the cosplayer’s page it seems to go over their head. I just want my fans to give credit and support to the cosplayer that put time into their work.

CF:Who was your favorite character to portray and what rocked about it?

So far I have two favorite characters I like to portray. The first one is Yoruichi from bleach because she is the goddess of my life, and I’m in the process of making all of the outfits she had worn. The second one is Kagami from Kuroko No Basket. I love portraying him because I get to draw weird eyebrows!

CF:How do you keep cosplay fun?

I keep cosplay fun by cosplaying with my friends, meeting new people at conventions, and talking with my supporters online.

CF:Where can new fans go to follow you?

On Facebook: Facebook.com/fudgiecosplay, On Instagram: Fudgie_monster

CF:Other than this interview, what’s the craziest thing you agreed to do?

Nothing actually! Hopefully one day, someone will ask me to do the Chubby Bunny Challenge when they interview me!

CF:In your opinion what’s the meaning of life?


-Shia Labeouf

But really, live your life to the fullest because you are the one living it.

Princess Tiana and Kagami from Kuroko no basket by: https://www.facebook.com/Papanotzzi?fref=ts

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