Veganism in Cosplay

Veganism in Cosplay

Cosplay and veganism. For many of those it isn’t something that we would have thought about. Maybe we know one or two vegetarians who don’t want their props made out of leather, but it can be a real pain for a vegan to make a cosplay that fits the ethics. Today we’re going to look at some of the things that might affect vegan cosplayers and ways to work around them. Besides, even if you’re not vegan it is always nice to have other options – especially in a community as creative as ours is.

Makeup. Vegans won’t wear certain brands of makeup, and neither will fully fledged carnivores if they know it’s from a company with bad animal rights practices. In this day and age we don’t need to test on animals anyway. Luckily, there are quite a few companies out there who are 100% vegan friendly (meaning but they are also 100-percent animal lover friendly, and environmental activist friendly). This isn’t however, the end of the problem. Lots of brands just don’t have the necessary colours to make anime cosplay pop. Fortunately, we found one with bright colours and big ethics – Kat Von D. This range has bright and bold shades which match even the most saturated over line art – perfect for cosplay.

Fur and pelts

The use of fur pelts is pretty big in cosplay. Whether you are in the furry community or more of a larp person, where is a good chance that you wanted to use them in your design. And imagine a cosplay of Skyrim without a Khajit? It just doesn’t work. Thankfully there are many versions out there which don’t come from real animals. It can still remain a problem for some vegan members of the community however, because the manufacturing can be less than ideal. One way to go about this is to order synthetic hair, or if you’re interested in upcycling, strip it from some charity shop or thrift store dolls (don’t worry, they creep us out too, you don’t need to go that route if you don’t want to)

Animal inclusions

Some vegans don’t believe in keeping animals, meaning that they would never have them in their shoots. Some characters are hard to cosplay without them, like Snake from Black Butler Book of Circus or Joe Exotic from Tiger King. Luckily there are ways to craft them.

  • Paper Mache and chicken wire
  • Stuffed toys and plushies
  • Photoshop and other editing programs
  • Getting someone to cosplay the creatures

There’s always more than one way to skin a vegetable.

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