Lonstermash Cosplay: Snikt, Snikt

Lonstermash Cosplay: Snikt, Snikt
Home town:LA, Ca
Hobbies: Working out/kick boxing, watching sports, writing adult humor parody music
Zodiac Sign:Gemini

CF: How did you get into cosplay, who did you portray first, and why?

I got into cosplay by accident, and my first cosplay was Wolverine, because it was such a big hit when I had done it for Halloween 3 years before, the same year that the Origins movie had come out, and Hugh Jackman was now a household name.  I had always loved the character, too, as a young teenager in the early 80’s when I actually read the X-Men comics every month, and when people told me I looked a lot like Hugh (even without a beard!), I figured it would be a great Halloween costume.  I’m a huge Halloween fan, and all of my cosplays originally started as Halloween costumes, but I never even knew about the world of cosplay until I just happened to be at SDCC while visiting a friend I briefly dated, who lived down there.  We saw all the amazing costumes, and it brought back great Halloween memories for me, so I decided to go to SDCC the next year, not knowing there was another big convention called Comikaze, right in my own backyard, 2 months later. Fortunately, someone handed me a flier for Comikaze later that day, so 2 months later there I was, and that’s how I got into cosplaying.  But my journey developed even more thanks to that first day at Comikaze.  Again, I didn’t know there were so many other cons.  but I was featured in a video, and my friend Angi Viper also happened to be in the same video.  I didn’t meet her in person that day, but she gave me a nice compliment on the YouTube channel that had filmed us, which I luckily read, and that began our friendship.  So thanks to her, I met her cosplayer and photographer friends and learned about other cons.
CF. What’s the best part of cosplay?
The best part of cosplay is interacting with fans at conventions, especially children, that get so happy and excited to take a picture with me.   In addition, I have been lucky enough to use my cosplay for volunteer work at children’s hospitals, and I will be handing out toys for underprivileged kids this year around Christmas time, while dressed as “Logan Claws.”
CF. If you could be any super hero or villain who would you be and why?
I would be Batman, because he is just so awesome, and yet he has so many internal struggles, which, unfortunately, I can often relate to.  Then again, I like being able to basically be self-healing, unbreakable, and practically never aging, with 6 claws that can cut through anything, so I’d like to be Wolverine, too. Not to mention, I really relate to his internal struggles, with all the loves he has lost.
CF. If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?
I would meet Jesus and ask Him to explain the Bible to me.
CF. What’s your favorite sci-fi movie and what captivates about the plot?
My favorite sci-fi movie is, hands down, the Star Wars saga.   I was 7 when what we now know as Episode IV: A New Hope came out, and it really re-shaped the world, given what we had before that in terms of special effects and merchandise from a movie.  But the plot is so captivating throughout the saga, because it’s basically a morality play, set to a sci-fi backdrop.
CF. What’s the craziest thing a fan sent you or requested?
Nothing crazy has been sent to me, or really asked of me.  I had a fan keep asking me to send him a BD picture on his FB page, which I politely declined, and he kept asking, which became super annoying.  I’ve also had a fan at a convention ask me to carry him in a picture, which I found a bit weird, so I declined that, as well.
CF. What sidekick would you hire to be your personal assistant and why?
I have no idea.  I guess Pepper Potts, because she’s hot, and I could develop a romance with her, too, like Tony Stark did, lol.
CF. What character intimidates the heck out of you, why, and when will you attempt take the challenge to portray them?
No character intimidates me.  I cosplay to my strengths and financial constraints, so I will only do characters I can pull off well, and that I don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to portray (unless someone else wants to buy me/make me the outfit).
CF. Do you know a lot about the series you cosplay?
I am one of the biggest Rocky Balboa fans on the planet, so I know tons about that character.  And I’ve seen all the Rambo films, so I know a good deal about him, too.  My knowledge of Logan is mainly limited to my 2 years of reading the X-Men back in the early 80’s, the animated series cartoons in the early 90’s, and the way he is portrayed in the X-Men movies.  But I have read up some stuff here and there, in the comics, including the Death of Wolverine series, which I really enjoyed UNTIL THE STUPID ENDING!
CF. What’s your favorite comic con to attend and what makes it so special?
My favorite con to attend is Comikaze, because it was my first, so it feels like a homecoming, of sorts.  I have been to 3 of them, now, and I call it my “conniversary.”  It’s very big without being insanely big like Dragon Con/SDCC, and it’s driving distance away from me, so I can go home each day and not worry about hotels, etc..
CF. What comic con’s are definitely attending in 2015?
In 2015, I plan to attend Phat Con, Nuke the Fridge, Wonder Con, Long Beach Comic Expo, SDCC, Comikaze, and Long Beach Comic and Horror Con.  I might attend Phoenix Comic Con, C2E2, Emerald City Con, Amazing Vegas Con (which I have been to the last 2 years), and Dragon Con (which I have also been to the last 2 years).  Out of state cons are expensive, obviously, and I don’t exactly get sponsored to attend, being that I’m not a hot girl, lol.
CF. What’s one thing you wish fans wouldn’t do?
One thing I wish fans would not do is (and fortunately, this has never happened to me), is harass cosplayers, especially female cosplayers.
CF. Who was your favorite character to portray and what rocked about it? 
My favorite character to portray was Rocky Balboa, because he is my favorite fictional character of all-time and the reason I got into fitness at age 15 and never stopped, emulating his “no-quit” attitude.  What “rocked” about it for me is the way I got to really express my artistic side by doing my own  special effects make up to make swollen, bruised up eyes.  The first 2 times I did this cosplay, I used pre-fabricated foam latex swollen eyes to which I then applied bruising make up.  But the 4 times since, I have created the entire swollen eye by myself with a silicon gel you mix and shape and then apply make up to.   And each time I do it, it seems to get a bit better!
CF. How do you keep cosplay fun?
I don’t keep cosplay fun—-cosplay keeps itself fun!
CF. Where can new fans go to follow you?
New fans can follow me on my FB page at https://www.facebook.com/Lonstermash.   I also have an Instagram account at “Lonstermash” and a Twitter account at “@reallonstermash” (I had to use the word “real” because some asshole is impersonating me on Twitter with my pictures and already using @lonstermash), but the overwhelming majority of my pics are on FB.  I mainly use the IG to promote my FB.  I have prints for sale, too, so anyone who is interested can contact me privately on my FB page.  And, if you like adult humor parody music, you can hear my songs on my YouTube channel at “Lonstermash.”  (But I’m warning you, they are VERY dirty!!).
CF. Other than this interview, what’s the craziest thing you agreed to do?
Hard to say, because I don’t “agree” to do too many crazy things—-I usually just do them on my own, and don’t need to have to agree to do them, such as singing my adult humor parody music at karaoke bars.  I guess the craziest thing I’ve agreed to do is skinny dip in a pond in Maui in broad daylight with my ex GF many years ago (and she didn’t exactly have to twist my arm).
CF. In your opinion what’s the meaning of life?
The meaning of life is to try to be a good person to others, and love them as you love yourself.

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