THE DC Comics Debate! With Marie Watschke & Jack of all Nerds!

THE DC Comics Debate!  With Marie Watschke & Jack of all Nerds!

sam cosplay fanaticWhat’s good people!  I’m Sam Ridley, L.A. Comedian and your host for all things entertainment here on COSPLAY FANATIC!  I’m going to be bringing you videos and featured artists from throughout the cosplay community.  We even have some HI-LARIOUS sketch comedy headed your way featuring some of your favorite people from comics, anime, and MORE!  Check out our first episode below as we discuss everything DC!  I went and got the fellas from The Jack Of All Nerds podcast crew and a fellow stand up comic Marie Watschke to get in on this one.  Let us know what you think AND what you’d like us to talk about next!  Send your thoughts and suggestions to me @SamRidleyComedy on twitter and instagram… uh… after you follow of course! 🙂  Lets do this! 

~Sam Ridley III~


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